2 FileServe .reg File Account Dump 31-1

-Update 31-1-2011 19:00-
2 Fileserve Premium .reg

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4 responses to “2 FileServe .reg File Account Dump 31-1

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    hey, OWNING, after installing the registry value, the account shows up in IDM but when i try downloading a file, it comes up as an HTML document. help?


    there are 2 problem may happen with that..
    1st the account is already free account==> try another one

    2nd the link is invalid==>go check it first..

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    hmm…i guess all the accounts you post expire almost immediately then. i liked it better when you posted the cookies that worked for a week or so before expiring


    not really..
    this .reg file has been working about 7 days,,
    and some of person still can use it..
    perhaps fileserve make a huge move about account sharing,.,

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